[freetds] PHP/FreeTDS on Itanium2 and RHEL 5.1 without recompile

Thomas, Christopher (LLU) cwthomas at llu.edu
Thu May 29 11:32:44 EDT 2008


In the EPEL repo, there is the 0.64 version of FreeTDS. I don't know if
there is a pre compiled one for Itatium2. If not, you can always
download the 0.82 tar from the FreeTDS website. There is a spec file
inside so, you can use rpmbuild on the tar. Once FreeTDS is installed,
you can install the php-mssql rpm from the EPEL repo. If there isn't a
pre compiled version, you can get the php-extras source rpm from the
same repo, and do an rpmbuild.

Make sure you installed the dependencies like php-devel, unixODBC, and
others or the installs and rpmbuilds won't complete.


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i have a HP Blade server itanium2 , with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1, i
have the default PHP and now i want to intregrate FreeTDS to my PHP
without recompile php. freetds support php


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