[freetds] windows named pipe authentication

Thomas Stover thomas at wsinnovations.com
Sat May 24 00:05:54 EDT 2008

    OK here's one from left field. I was reading the notes about domain 
authentication, and how password-less authentication / win32 named pipes 
connections, would require a lgpl compatible Unix implementation of the 
smb ipc stuff (at least). Since this is something that really would help 
me out, I started looking into the issue some more. I have come up with 
three possible avenues of approach: 1) conceivably using socat & 
smbclient to forward a tcp port on the loopback adapter to the sql 
server named pipe. 2) similar except use socat on *nix forward to child 
ssh that logs into a 'doz box with cygwin sshd, then run socat inside 
cygwin to forward stdio to the named pipe as a "regular" windows file. 
3) write special purpose windows and *nix utilities to forward a tcp (or 
better yet unix domain socket) connection to the windows sql server 
named pipe.  
    My main question is this: For the sake of discussion lets say that 
freetds could interface with a ms sql server over a windows named pipe. 
How difficult would it be from there? Would this just turn into 
man-years of examining wireshark dumps (which I noticed will do win 
named pipes), or is it suppose to be the same wire level protocol?

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