[freetds] cs_dt_info() a NOOP?

Wood, David David.Wood at deshaw.com
Mon May 19 20:17:35 EDT 2008


According to http://www.freetds.org/userguide/ctlib.api.summary.htm:

	Category	Function	Status	Comments
	(all)		cs_dt_info	OK		Set or retrieve
language-specific datetime information.

However, from src/ctlib/cs.c:

  cs_dt_info(CS_CONTEXT * ctx, CS_INT action, CS_LOCALE * locale, CS_INT
type, CS_INT item, CS_VOID * buffer, CS_INT buflen,
           CS_INT * outlen)
        if (action == CS_SET) {
                switch (type) {
                case CS_DT_CONVFMT:
        return CS_SUCCEED;

Hmm ... that doesn't seem to do much :-).  At a minimum, shouldn't the
API summary doc reflect this?  David

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