[freetds] freetds-0.82 and sqsh-2.1.{3,4}

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Mon May 19 10:30:47 EDT 2008

Richard Brown wrote:
> I'm trying to compile sqsh-2.1.(3,4) against freetds-0.82, and it
> refuses to compile 
> I've attached a patch to add the BLK_VERSIONS into cspublic.h on the
> assumption that this is the correct thing to do.

Applied to 0.82 branch in CVS, thanks!  If and when 0.82.1 is released (no
current plan) it will be included.  

Note to anyone researching this topic in the archives: the updated file is
available via CVS.  The www.freetds.org includes a link to a web front-end
that lets you download any version of any file.  


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