[freetds] Apple xcode or objective-c example

Craig A. Berry craigberry at mac.com
Sun May 18 22:39:22 EDT 2008

At 6:39 PM -0600 5/18/08, Kevin Voell wrote:
>I'm making some progress on a getting freetds example working with an 
>xcode application.
>I have gotten apps/bsqldb.c to compile successfully with xcode, but I 
>get the following error when I run it:
>Current language:  auto; currently objective-c
>(null): Msg 20009, Level 9
>Unable to connect: Adaptive Server is unavailable or does not exist
>Assertion failed: (dbproc != NULL), function main, file /Users/Kevin/
>Documents/Source/Code/cocoaSQL/main.m, line 182.
>Line 182 is:
>dbproc = dbopen(login, options.servername);
>The SQL server I'm trying to connect to is a mySQL 5.0 server running 
>on another one of my OS X boxes.  I am able to connect to the server 
>using CocoaMySql (an OS X admin tool) so I know the server is running 
>and is accessible.
>Guess my question is what is an adaptive server?

Sybase Adaptive Server is one of several marketing names Sybase has
used over the years to describe their relational database software.
Databases from Sybase and Microsoft are the only ones that use the
TDS protocol and to which FreeTDS client libraries and utilities can
connect.  MySQL does not use TDS and cannot possibly be a successful
connection target for FreeTDS, nor can Oracle, DB2, Ingres,
PostgreSQL, or other database packages, each of which has its own
wire-level protocol for interacting with clients.  (The exception to
this would be any database that has server-side plug-in emulation
specifically designed to interact with clients using TDS, but that's
speculative and I have no idea whether such a beast actually exists).

Even though FreeTDS does not seem likely to be of benefit to you
(unless you have a Sybase or Microsoft SQL Server database elsewhere
on your network?) I hope you will share any changes you needed to
make to get it to compile under XCode, as they will likely be
beneficial to others.

Craig A. Berry
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