[freetds] [FreeTDS] Apple xcode or objective-c example

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Thu May 15 10:09:42 EDT 2008

Kevin Voell wrote:
> I found the C examples and I will work on converting them to objC, but I
> thought I would see if anyone has done that already.  

I have gotten some help on this list getting FreeTDS to build under Xcode.
IIRC it was over a year ago.  I doubt those threads would be much use to
you, but it's evidence there's interest.  

If you put together something that would help others, I would be pleased
to add a ./xcode directory to the source distribution.  (Hint: It would be
particularly nice to have a project that alternately compiled with FreeTDS
or Sybase's libraries, for compatibility testing!)  


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