[freetds] configure --with-odbc-nodm problem...

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Thu May 15 10:02:31 EDT 2008

Enrico Coi wrote:
> ...when running
> ./configure --with-odbc-nodm=/home/spas/Desktop/SoiFonWorkshop/
> --prefix=/home/spas/Desktop/SoiFonWorkshop/build/ --with-tdsver=8.0
> --host=arm
> the program configures with no errors, until I receive a "configure:
> error: sql.h not found"... Now, as described in the user guide, I copied
> sql.h, sqlext.h, sqltypes.h in "/home/spas/Desktop/SoiFonWorkshop/"... 

It can be a little confusing.  --with-odbc-nodm points to the place not
where sql.h is, but where "include/sql.h" is.  That is, it still expects
sql.h (etc.) to be in a directory named "include".  :-/

My setup is like this:

$ cat .build_options

$ ls /usr/local/*/sql.h

(I have a little script that reads my .build_options file, so I don't have
to remember them or keep them hard-coded in a script.)  

Autoconf is a specialty unto itself, so it's not easy to discern this from
the sources.  For future reference, the answer is to be found in

$ grep nodm configure.ac
if test "$with_odbc_nodm"; then
        if echo "$with_odbc_nodm" | grep -v '^/'; then

and, more clearly, in config.log:

$ grep ODBC_INC build/config.log 



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