[freetds] DBD::Sybase placeholder support

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Tue May 13 17:57:39 EDT 2008

Dan Wierenga wrote:
> > which doesn't look like you got back an output parameter.  Were you
> > hoping
> > for one?
> Not in those tests.  That query was a simple select from a table.

Hi Dan, 

OK.  If you get a chance to try output parameters of type string, int, and
float, I'd be very interested.  

It looks from the dump like the reply from sp_prepare includes a
description of the parameters on the server.  That was the part I was
missing, the secret sauce.  Without that information, I don't believe it's
possible to implement placeholders in ct-lib.  

But it's there, and it seems to be done.  Looks like it's time to update
the FAQ.  

Thanks for your work.  Would you be interested in perfecting ct-lib vs.
DBD::Sybase, i.e. making all the unit tests pass?  It'd be a nice, clean
description: "FreeTDS replaces Sybase's implementation as far as
DBD::Sybase can tell, passing all tests."  



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