[freetds] sql2005 & freetds connection probs

Dan Wierenga dwierenga at valueclick.com
Tue May 13 12:12:28 EDT 2008

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> My goal is to access a MS sql2005 DB from linux through perl using
> dbd::sybase module.  I've installed freetds v 0.64...is it compatible
> w/2005?  I wasn't able to find much documentation that refers to
> sql2005 specifically, but i was able to find one source that says it
> should work.  Is this right? 

I can confirm that 0.64 and DBD::Sybase (1.105) can indeed connect to a
Sql2005 server.

> 10:23:19.731219 26609 (net.c:168):Connecting to port
> 10:23:19.731749 26609 (net.c:256):connect error: Connection refused

That seems like it's not the right IP or it's not really listening on
port 1433.  I'd try using the full host name and the instance name
instead of the port name.

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