[freetds] Missing libtds.so in freetds-0.82RC4

Wolfgang Klebsattel wklebsattel at web.de
Tue May 13 02:07:55 EDT 2008


I spent a view days with freetds-0.82RC4  and PHP on Solaris 10 Sparc .

Compiling freetds was ok so far. No errors!
When I wanted to configure PHP 5 I got the Message that libtds.so is missing.
That was right. I could not find a libtds.so nor a libtds.a in the lib-directory in the freetds-Home ().
I searched for a reason, while the make install does not generate the libtds.so. But I had no success.

My configure-options look something like this:
./configure --prefix=/mtier8/freetds/product/freetds-0.82RC4 --enable-distcheck-build --with-tdsver=4.2 --enable-extra-checks --enable-msdblib --enable-shared --enable-tds >> myconfig.log
I tried different combinations but nothing changed.

In freetds-0.64RC3 the make install generates this libtds.so. Do you have an explenation for me?

Thanks in advance

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