[freetds] FreeTDS Digest, Vol 64, Issue 12

Federico Alves sales at minixel.com
Sat May 10 02:04:53 EDT 2008

I thought it was my application, but from this machine, even TSQL opens the
connection like this:
- network protocol: TCP/IP
set quoted_identifier on
set arithabort off
set numeric_roundabort off
set ansi_warnings off
set ansi_padding off
set ansi_nulls off
set concat_null_yields_null on
set cursor_close_on_commit on
set implicit_transactions on
set language us_english
set dateformat mdy
set datefirst 7
set transaction isolation level read committed

Microsoft determined that the problem that brought SQL Server down was
"set implicit_transactions on" What causes the change in behavior? Microsoft
thinks that this should be off, otherwise every transaction must be
committed explicitly in code. How do I turn this feature off?

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