[freetds] Issue sending xml to a mssql-2k stored proc using php5 (php4 work s)

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Tue May 6 20:48:30 EDT 2008

Leonard, Carl wrote:
> I've got a problem sending a XML parameter to a MSSQL stroed proc using
> php5 and freetds 0.63.  
> The newer release .64 causes problems
> with blank text fields so I can't really use that.  Should I give one of
> the release candidates a try?  I've been waiting for the actual released
> version.

I'm not aware of "problems with blank text fields" in 0.64.  

Definitely try the 0.82 release candidate.  There won't be any significant
differences between the RC and the final release.  It's just a matter of
me finding the time.  

> I've turned on the Freetds logs and I can't hardly find a difference
> between the tsql case and the php5 case.  

If upgrading doesn't solve the problem, please post the log.  I'll at
least be able to tell you where the error lies in the communication with
the server.  I'd like to think the db-lib logging will be enough to
troubleshoot it further.  


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