[freetds] Want to use fast forward cursors (SQL_CO_FFO) and MARS

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Mon May 5 18:30:20 EDT 2008

Sebastien FLAESCH wrote:
> However your remark scares me a bit now, except ODBC 2 / ODBC 3 function
> mapping, does the DM make other (important) things?

You want to spend a few hours looking over the docs, maybe ask your
question of the DM projects.  It's not something I know a lot about. 
Every function includes some error states produced by the DM: "the
notation "(DM)" precedes the descriptions of SQLSTATEs returned by the
Driver Manager".  

> So far I thought the unique role of the DM is to load the appropriate
> driver...

It's more to make different drivers look the same, afaict. 

> Where can I find the ODBC specs please?

The things I learn answering questions!  I'd never found a free "official"
ODBC specification, lesser known as SQL Call Level Interface.  But it
turns out the Open Group published one!  


I haven't read it. I use Microsoft's MDAC documentation and compare it to
IBM's CLI if I'm interested in "the standard".  For the most part, I'm
normally interested in what Microsoft says about it (or what their
implementation does).  
Start here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms714177.aspx

Further reading: 

http://www.ddj.com/database/184410032 "SQL Access Group's Call-Level



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