[freetds] Login timeout on dblib

Vincent Cunniffe vincent at oitg.com
Fri May 2 09:10:23 EDT 2008


I'm trying to get FreeTDS (in the form of sybdb linked to a C++ binary) 
working. I've got it connecting, executing queries, etc., but am having 
problems with timeouts. The network environment is somewhat lossy, 
leading to failed login attempts. However, although I've requested a 10 
second login timeout, and although the /tmp/freetds.log is spamming :

    13:49:34.603236 26839 (net.c:354):exceeded query timeout: 10

every 10 seconds during the failed login attempts, I'm not getting any 
calls through to the error handler. When I do connect successfully, and 
if any *other* error conditions happen post-login, then the error 
handler is called correctly to handle those error conditions.

Anyone seen this before, and is there a solution?

This is freetds-0.64, with a vanilla configure/make/install on CentOS 
4.6, linked against a C++ binary compiled with gcc 3.4.3. It's 
connecting to a remote MS SQL server.

The exact code in use to generate this is attached below.




LOGINREC *login=dblogin();

dbsetluser(login, username.c_str());
dbsetlpwd(login, password.c_str());
dbsetlapp(login, appname.c_str());



DBPROCESS *dbproc=dbopen(login, (char *)linktarget.c_str());





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