[freetds] Stored procedure output/return parameters

Gunther Van Butsele gvb at velleman.be
Wed Apr 30 09:29:15 EDT 2008

Hi Guys, 
I've been collecting logging information to debug my problem with output
parameters not getting filled in php using the freetds functions.
I've attached an archive with every bit of info I could gather:
   stored_procedure_creation.sql - The stored procedure itself
   script.php - PHP script that calls the stored procedure
   sql_profiler.log - MS SQL Profiler log entry for the call to the
stored procedure
   tdsdump.log - TDSDUMP log, probably most useful to you
Versions used:
1) Database server:
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft Windows 2000
2) Web server:
FreeBSD 6.2-RC1

Calling my stored procedure from PHP never fills the output parameter
@Enabled ($canLogin). $canLogin always remains 666.

Hope someone can help finding out what the problem is exactly.

Kind regards,
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