[freetds] ODBC.ini parameter in FreeTDS

Rajesh Akolu rajesh.akolu at ftindia.com
Tue Apr 29 09:48:48 EDT 2008


Thanks for the response. 

We have tried the PacketSize option using following:

Case 1 :
ODBCConfig --> User DSN --> Configure --> "We entered 512 against

Case 2 :
We used following connecting string in our code (here we did not specify
PacketSize using ODBCConfig):
"DRIVER=FreeTDS; SERVER=ftcpu1164; DATABASE=pubs; UID=<user name>;
PWD=<password>; PacketSize=512"

In both the above cases we did not see any performance difference. The
same result was observed when we did not specify PacketSize in both the
above cases.

Please suggest Thanks in Advance

Thanks & best regards,
Rajesh Akolu
Financial Technologies (India) Ltd.          

rajesh.akolu at ftindia.com 



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Rajesh Akolu wrote:
> We are using FreeTDS 0.64 (TDS version 8.0) and unixODBC 2.2.12 on RH
Linux 3.4.6 and connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 from Linux. We
are using   
> C++ on Linux. 

> We are looking for complete list of parameters which can be used in 
> "ODBC.ini" specific to freeTDS.


It's free software, yaar!  

The only option that even *might* affect performance is PacketSize.  The
optimal size depends on the network and the application.  

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