[freetds] Freetds.conf and SQL 2005

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Wed Apr 23 11:22:27 EDT 2008

> After spending the whole night trying to figure it out, I 
> found something
> hard to believe. If I include in my freetds.conf the right 
> definition for my
> server:
> [minixel]
>         host = minixel
>         port = 1433
>         tds version = 8.0
> The parameter values (type 4042) don't work. This is a stored 
> procedure
> against SQl 2005 using perl. If I comment out the section 
> "tds version =
> 8.0", then everything works. This happens with both RC4 and RC2
> If Frediano Ziglio wishes to further investigate in my box, 
> please contact
> me at falves1 at hotmail.com . This behavior is abnormal.

  I'm reading this mail just now.
It can depend on how you send that RPC call. TDS 4.2 protocol returns
parameters even on language request while TDS 7+ does not (it returns
parameters only using proper RPC request). I can check this quite


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