[freetds] parameters missing in RC 64 Bits

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Sun Apr 20 14:24:18 EDT 2008

Federico Alves wrote:
> I have a perl script that I use to test my application, and executes a
> stored procedure against SQL 2005, with "OUTPUT" parameters. It works
> fine in 32 bits but fails to return any parameters in 64 Bits. 

Igor Chudov wrote:
> col_types array ref, which used to work and contained valid type
> numbers, no longer works on 64 bit ubuntu Hardy. Instead of valid
> types, it contains a bunch of zeroes (as many as columns).


Your questions are too high-level for me to answer without a great deal of
work.  I don't have a 64-bit environment to test on, and don't even know
what function, if any, is alleged to fail.  

Do all src/ctlib/unittests work?  Many of them rely on column metadata,
and rpc_ct_param.c tests output parameters.  If they pass, we at least can
say ct-lib works as expected.  Not right, necessasrily, but as expected.  

Problems like this are always a matter of the function behaving as the
caller expects.  You need to narrow down who the caller is and what it
expects (and whether that's the right expectation).  Then we can see if
how the function behaves, and what needs to be changed.  



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