[freetds] Long column names and PHP

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Wed Sep 27 23:32:06 EDT 2006

Thomas, Christopher (LLU) wrote:
> You are right that I was connecting using 4.2. I
> couldn't find the version from the TDSDUMP. But I checked the output
> from phpinfo() and it said 7.0, but I guess the freetds.conf file
> overrides whatever PHP has selected. After I changed the version inside
> freetds.conf to 8.0, everything worked perfectly. Funny thing is
> phpinfo() still reports 7.0. 

I don't know what PHP is doing.  Using a current snapshot and assuming
you're using the mssql extension, you can see in the TDSDUMP log the order
of db-lib calls.  And PHP could learn the TDS version only from the db-lib
function dbtds().  Anything else is just guesswork.  (If you're using
ODBC, then I don't know.) 

We used to include the TDS version at the top of the log when connecting. 
I noticed it got dropped some time ago.  That was probably inadvertent,
because I don't remember any discussion and can't see any advantage.  I'll
look into putting it back.  

Glad you posted.  If you were confused, someone else surely will be, too. 


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