[freetds] Long column names and PHP

Thomas, Christopher (LLU) cwthomas at llu.edu
Wed Sep 27 12:51:32 EDT 2006

Thanks for the tip. You are right that I was connecting using 4.2. I
couldn't find the version from the TDSDUMP. But I checked the output
from phpinfo() and it said 7.0, but I guess the freetds.conf file
overrides whatever PHP has selected. After I changed the version inside
freetds.conf to 8.0, everything worked perfectly. Funny thing is
phpinfo() still reports 7.0. 


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Thomas, Christopher (LLU) wrote:
> One of my tables has a column name that is really long (a little over
> characters). [...]  When the
> results are returned, for the long column name, it is truncated to
> the first 30 characters. How do I get the full column name to be
> returned? 

That would happen if you're connecting with TDS 4.2 instead of 7.0 or
 Check your TDSDUMP log or try selecting from a varchar wider than 255
characters.  If it's truncated, you're using TDS 4.2.  


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