[freetds] Oracle to MS SQL PoC

Bertrand bertrand at cheronnet.com
Tue Sep 26 15:40:40 EDT 2006

Hi list,

It is my first post so two words about me. I am a DBA at an Oracle and
MS client somewhere on the border between France, Germany and Switzerland :)

The environment: we have mostly Oracle databases on *nixes boxes but we
have also MS SQL servers on Windows and, how bizarre, somebody needs to
exchange data between and I am the one in charge to do it.

The Oracle servers are 10gR2 on RHEL4 x86-64 and the MS are Windows 2000
with SQL server 2000. I would like to use Oracle HSODBC on the linux
boxes to connect the beasts using FreeTDS, as we only manage/control the
Oracle/linux environments.

After googling and reading the docs, I have some doubts and need
clarification: is an ODBC driver manager (such as UnixODBC) mandatory in
such configuration? Or is it possible to do it with HSODBC and FreeTDS
only. Does somebody succeed in such a config.?

Thanks for reading so far and best regards,

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