[freetds] FreeTDS creating all fields as not null

Eloy Lafuente stronk7 at moodle.org
Thu Sep 21 12:37:23 EDT 2006


I'm using FreeTDS to handle one MSSQL 2005 server with PHP 
running the "replacement" php_mssql extension with this 
freetds.conf file:

     host =
     port = 1433
     client charset = UTF-8
     tds version = 7.0

Everytime I create one table having NULL fields, they become 
NOT NULL in the target DB.

Curiously, executing the same CREATE TABLE statement from 
the "tsql" command line interface, the table is created 
properly (with NULL fields being NULL).

Any idea about how this could be solved?

TIA and ciao, Eloy :-)

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