[freetds] FIRE_TRIGGERS hint

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Mon Sep 18 22:36:20 EDT 2006

Constantin Vasilyev wrote:
> Could it be added, then. I'm not sure if this worth submitting the
> patch.
> And another idea. Sometime (like in case of pulling data out of indexed
> views) database connection which freebcp opens requires some options
> (like ANSI_NULLS) to be set before fetching the data. Some of those
> options work if submitted within the same batch with SELECT statement,
> so queryout mode may be used for them, but some work only if placed in
> separate batch. For such cases it might be useful to add an option to 
> which allows to run some  commands on the server (or simply set
> particular options for the connection) before pumping the data.

Good ideas, both.  I wonder how Microsoft and Sybase deal with that in
their utilities?   Do you have an example of a session setting that must
be in a separate batch?  Because other than that, "queryout" should do the


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