[freetds] freetds package for Solaris 9

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Sat Sep 16 13:24:26 EDT 2006

Gangwar, Vineet wrote:
> I found a package for Solaris 9 at Ibiblio.org and a solaris 9
> machine so I installed freetds 0.63 there. I am using gcc 4.0.3
> I am able to compile a code but on executing it I get the following
> error: Assertion failed: ret == 0, file iconv.c, line 357
> I went through the archive and found that freetds cannot use solaris
> iconv library. The solution is to configure with --disable-libiconv 
> My problem is, since I installed freetds from a package how can I now
> disbable libiconv?

I'm sorry the error message wasn't clearer and that it's not better
documented.  Fixing that is in the current TODO. 

libiconv can be disabled only via the configure script.  If libiconv is
not disabled with --disable-iconv, it cannot be disabled later at runtime
(and vice-versa).  

You *could* build your own package:


but it seems to me it would be easier to build from the source tarball
because, after all, that's one of the steps in building the package.  Of
course, if you want the advantages of a package, you might find the extra
effort of building one worthwhile.  

You may have to build from source, because it's true we don't support
Solaris iconv.  Think of it this way, though: that would let you use 0.64
with its manifold advantages!    

Alternatively, it might be possible to use GNU iconv; perhaps that's what
the packager had in mind.  



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