[freetds] freetds package for Solaris 9

Gangwar, Vineet Vineet.Gangwar at acs-inc.com
Sat Sep 16 12:27:46 EDT 2006

Thanks Alex,

Well... I found a package for Solaris 9 at Ibiblio.org and a solaris 9
machine so I installed freetds 0.63 there. I am using gcc 4.0.3
I am able to compile a code but on executing it I get the following error:
Assertion failed: ret == 0, file iconv.c, line 357
I went through the archive and found that freetds cannot use solaris iconv
library. The solution is to configure with --disable-libiconv 

My problem is, since I installed freetds from a package how can I now
disbable libiconv?

Looking forward to your reply,


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"Gangwar, Vineet" <Vineet.Gangwar at acs-inc.com> wrote:

> Is there a package that I can use to install freetds on Solaris 8
> using pkgadd? If not, then how can I go about it?

For Solaris 8 and later, http://www.blastwave.org

blastwave uses a script named pkg-get which installs/updates from
the CSW catalog with pkgadd and pkgrm.

Be sure to read the How To page.


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