[freetds] FreeTDS, DBD::Sybase, MS SQL Server and multiple result sets

Simon Matthews sam at knowledgepool.com
Sat Sep 9 17:24:43 EDT 2006

I have been using the above combination for a couple of years quite

I now need to be able to process more than one result set from a stored

Can anyone confirm if they have been able to use DBD::Sybase with MS-SQL
server 2000 and have any success with multiple result sets?

I can see that they work in tsql.  I have a stored procedure that
returns multiple result sets and I can see these results in tsql.  I
have not been able to read anything other than the first result set with

I am just looking for a quick yes that should work, or no if definitely
won't in which case I can stop banging my head against this particular
brick wall.



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