[freetds] DBD::Sybase MSSQL VARBINARY 255 byte limit

Debbie debbie at animaro.com
Sun Sep 3 18:14:48 EDT 2006


I am using Perl DBD::Sybase on Linux, attempting to fetch VARBINARY
columns from an MSSQL database. When I fetch columns that are longer
than 255 bytes however, it gets truncated.

PHP on Linux using the mssql_*() functions and FreeTDS doesn't seem to
have this problem.

Does anyone have a solution? e.g.

- Can I configure DBD::Sybase to support VARBINARY columns >255 bytes?
- Is there a Perl module other than DBD::Sybase I can use to talk to
- Or do I have to move my Perl program onto the Windows machine
  if I need >255 byte VARBINARY support?

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