[freetds] PHP5-MsSQL Error

Brian Morton bmorton at secureworks.com
Fri Sep 1 08:42:45 EDT 2006

Your points are all correct and have merit.  I have found that most systems I encounter are configured for TDS 8.0 lately since it is the default configure behavior.  You have probably been TDSing a lot longer than I have though.


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On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 08:02:18PM -0400, Brian Morton wrote:
> I apologize for the incorrect information.  Re-reading the error message, it was a little ridiculous to think that the connection was failing.  However, the piece about adding the port number is not a bug AFAIK.  I generally do not use a freetds.conf when using the mssql extension.  I have always build mssql against the freetds libs, and never put a reference to my server in the freetds.conf. 

That's fine, if it suits your purpose; that's why it's possible.  I just
didn't want the impression left behind that the port has to be specified
that way. 

> That is probably why it requires the use of the port in the connect function.  I do this because my code is more portable that way and I don't have to stick another config file elsewhere in the package or program.  However, it is not relevant to this issue, that is for sure.

OK, fsvo 'portable'.  Your code then has to manage the TDS version, or it
assumes that TDS 7.0 (or whatever) is the one true way.  Or the user
has to set the TDSVER variable.  I can see how it's easier to distribute
something that doesn't need it's own ancilary configuration file.  I would
wager, though, that in most environments that's not sufficiently flexible. 



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