[freetds] SQL Server 200, Windows Server 2003 and FreeTDS

Bob Hetzel beh at case.edu
Mon Aug 28 13:16:45 EDT 2006

Be advised that the security in all levels below NTLMv2 is so bad 
that devices no more powerful than a cell phone can crack passwords 
sniffed over wireless in approx 3 minutes...  potentially even 
quicker.   Much quicker from a common laptop.  LM hashes are 
considered to be about as secure as plain text nowadays.  I would 
highly recommend against setting this to anything other than "Use 
NTLMv2 response only /refuse NT and LM".  Note that you have match up 
all workstations, servers, and domain controllers or else use the 
negotiation based intermediate steps.

Unfortunately Microsoft (in their amazing wisdom) enabled everything 
past NT4 sp3 or so but didn't make it default behavior to negotiate 
down automatically, starting with the most secure authentication mode..


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>The LAN Manager Authentication Level.
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> > Which fix? Did you enabled tcp/ip authorization or did you change
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