[freetds] SQL Server image data type

Stacy Gaddy stacy.gaddy at sienatech.com
Mon Aug 21 08:57:14 EDT 2006

I am using FreeTDS and unixODBC to reach a SQLServer 2000 database through 
Oracle 10g's Generic Connectivity feature.  My intention is to bulk load 
several tables from SQLServer to Oracle through this setup.  The tables on 
the SQLServer side have fields of type "image".  If I understand correctly, 
the SQLServer "image" data type get mapped to the Oracle "LONG RAW" data 
type.  When I attemp to query the SQLServer table through Oracle's Generic 
Connectivity, I get:
Error:ORA-02068: following severe error from MSSQL
ORA-28511: lost RPC connection to heterogeneous remote agent using 

My question is this....does FreeTDS/unixODBC combination support the image 
datatype?  If so, are there any special configuration items that need to be 

I have this same setup working successfully using the ODBC drivers and Driver 
Manager from DataDirect.  I would prefer to use an opensource solution.

Any input would be appreciated.
Stacy Gaddy
stacy.gaddy at sienatech.com

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