[freetds] mingw, gcc 3.4.2 & freetds-0.64

sfngilm sfngilm at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 20 02:26:42 EDT 2006

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT wrote:
>> Well... I did some months ago and fixed some issue on CVS HEAD... that
>> is after 0.64. As you spot I had to implement  gettimeofday and
>> readpassphrase for Windows and rename PARAMDATA to BCPPARAMDATA.
>> Yesterday I tried again using a cross compiler and I was able to compile
>> without problems.
>> freddy77
Hi freddy77,

I was able to build the nightly snapshot with no problems.    But when I 
tried connecting to a known running server (tested with telnet to port 
1433 and M$ isql) with:
tsql -H fig -p 1433 -U arSa -P arSa
I get:
login.c:226:IP address pointer is empty

So I tried using the IP address directly and I get:
net.c:168:Connecting to port 1433.
token.c:2209:tds_client_msg: #20008: "Unable to open socket.".  
Connection state
 is now 0.
net.c:172:socket creation error: Unknown error

Am I missing something simple?  This is my first time trying to use 
mingw, and I'm not completely familiar with the ins and outs of it.

I've had no problems with older freeTDSs (0.52 I think -- vintage 2002) 
under Linux and IRIX.

I'm wondering if the second problem is something Windows specific, like 
WSAStartup()?  I'm not sure if that gets wrapped by MinGW or if that 
needs to get called by the user application directly.  My cursory poking 
through the newsgroups seems to indicate that it needs to get called by 
the user app.

My current configure parameters are: --with-tdsver=7.0 --disable-shared 

Again if anybody has hints I'd really appreciate a point in the right 


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