[freetds] 'Money' column types need an explicit convert

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Mon Aug 14 23:44:09 EDT 2006

Daniel Kasak wrote:
>         my @values = ( $amount, $self->{clientid} );
>         $self->{globals}->{common}->dbdo(
>             $self->{globals}->{ms_dbh},
>             "update Clients set DisputeAmount = ? where ID = ?",
>             \@values
>                                         );

Hi Daniel, 

In that case, I think "perldoc DBI" is your friend.  Have another look at
the bind_param() function; you can pass an attribute list of datatype

See also odbc_default_bind_type in DBD::ODBC.  "DBD::ODBC will attempt to
query the driver via SQLDescribeParam to determine the correct type."  I
wonder what "correct" means.  

I don't know the state of our SQLDescribeParam().  It might be that we
don't provide DBD::ODBC with the answer it wants in the version you're

My personal solution would be to skip all that.  Replace the open SQL with
a stored procedure that accepts CHAR parameters and uses CAST to convert
them explicitly.  



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