[freetds] tests... work in progress and alpha

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Mon Aug 14 09:07:37 EDT 2006

  I finally got some time to improve automatic testing. I have to thanks
actualtechnologies (http://www.actualtechnologies.com/) for its
donations. They donate me a Windows XP pro license where I can run mssql
server db. Actually is able to run a msde and a sql express 2005 on a
QEmu machine.

You can find some output at http://freetds.sourceforge.net/outsf/.
Currently is use some remote machines (on SF compile farm). I plan to
execute these tests every 3 days. As you can see sparc got some problems
(PATH one, nothing serious) while amd64 and FreeBSD works flawlessly
(errors on amd64 are expected). Serious problems however raises from
alpha machine http://freetds.sourceforge.net/outsf/alpha-linux1/ where 4
tests fails while they are expected to work :(


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