[freetds] Trouble connecting to SQL Server 2005 instance

Steve Werby smwerby at vcu.edu
Thu Aug 10 12:47:04 EDT 2006

Steve Werby wrote:
> I have a PERL application on a Linux server, which used to query a SQL 
> Server 2000 database on default port 1433 via DBD::Sybase and FreeTDS. 
> The database was migrated to a SQL Server 2005 instance on port 11433, 
> which I'm unable to connect to.


> telnet <ip> 11433
> Trying <ip>...
> telnet: connect to address <ip>: No route to host
> Can connect to port 1433.

I should have realized this sooner, but it's probably due to a rule in 
the ACL.  I'm told that when port 11433 was opened, rules were added to 
only allow access from certain subnets, whereas that's not the case for 
port 1433.  After the network admin has a chance to investigate I'll be 
able to confirm that's the case.

Steve Werby
Office of Information Technology
VCU School of Dentistry
smwerby at vcu.edu

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