[freetds] connection pooling using tdspool and unixODBC

RR ranjtech at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 03:29:04 EDT 2006

hello all,

am a newbie to the freetds world. been playing around with a few
things which go something like this

application -> unixODBC -> freeTDS -> MSSQL Server 2000

I have all individual pieces working fine, but when I use 'tdspool',
even though my application connects to the MSSQL DB and the info is
retrieved (as I see in the freeTDS log file), the application doesn't
seem to be able to use the information just retrieved by tdspool.
Where's it going and what maybe the problem in tdspool passing the
info back to the unixodbc driver to then pass on to my application?
any ideas? Let me know if anyone wants to help me troubleshoot it and
I can send whatever files are required to trouble shoot it.

What I can see so far is that the data is coming back from the SQL
Server to FreeTDS (as seen in the log for freeTDS) and then being
passed to unixODBC (as seen in the UnixODBC log) but the application
seems to not be picking it up.

Just to add in, without tdspool, everything works, i.e. if I don't use
tdspool but simply configure pooling in my unixODBC configurations
i.e. odbcinst.ini, then my application can get the data from the
database without problems. So a coupleof questions are:

a) Do I even need to configure pooling in TDS when I can have unixODBC
pooling configured?
b) If the data is getting back as far as the unixODBC driver, when I
do use tdspool, then how would it be any different from the
application's perspective than when tdspool wasn't being used since
I'm assuming that the application is only talking directly with
unixODBC and not FreeTDS.


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