[freetds] old patch

Lowden, James K james.k.lowden at alliancebernstein.com
Mon Jul 10 17:52:40 EDT 2006

> From: Frediano, VF-IT
> Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 11:19 AM
>   trying to fix rpc2.php test (and some done_handling) I came to
>   this
> old patch. This is pre 0.63 !!!

You've been working....

> id=33106&atid=407808 Do you remember the print problem?? 

I think so.  IIRC, SQL PRINT statement output was getting ignored
instead of being routed to the message handler.  

> @@ -1304,6 +1308,10 @@
>  		dbproc->dbresults_state = _DB_RES_INIT;
>  		return NO_MORE_RESULTS;
>  		break;
> +	case _DB_RES_INIT:
> +		tds_free_all_results(tds);
> +		break;
>  	default:
>  		break;
>  	}

Well, I suspect at the time libtds was less careful to free its results.
Over time we've moved more responsibility into libtds.  

On the same topic, src/dblib/unittests/rpc.c is now coded correctly
(gets parameters & return status after dbresults() returns
NO_MORE_RESULTS) and works!  As you can see, several days of code
inspection yielded a two-line change....

I still plan to remove dbresults_state, but it's hard.  I think I'll
have to hack on token.c first, and build better functions to read packet
sequences.  In case you're curious, here's a cross-reference:  

0 dblib.h <global>     130 int dbresults_state;
1 dblib.c _dbresults  1309 dbproc->dbresults_state,
2 dblib.c _dbresults  1310 switch ( dbproc->dbresults_state ) {
3 dblib.c _dbresults  1313 dbproc->dbresults_state =
4 dblib.c _dbresults  1342 dbproc->dbresults_state =
5 dblib.c _dbresults  1351 dbproc->dbresults_state =
6 dblib.c _dbresults  1358 dbproc->dbresults_state,
7 dblib.c _dbresults  1366 switch (dbproc->dbresults_state) {
8 dblib.c _dbresults  1370 dbproc->dbresults_state =
9 dblib.c _dbresults  1377 dbproc->dbresults_state =
a dblib.c _dbresults  1391 switch (dbproc->dbresults_state) {
b dblib.c _dbresults  1394 dbproc->dbresults_state =
c dblib.c _dbresults  1398 dbproc->dbresults_state =
d dblib.c _dbresults  1415 switch (dbproc->dbresults_state) {
e dblib.c _dbresults  1417 dbproc->dbresults_state =
f dblib.c _dbresults  1421 dbproc->dbresults_state =
g dblib.c _dbresults  1429 dbproc->dbresults_state = _DB_RES_INIT;
h dblib.c dbnextrow   1587 dbproc->dbresults_state,
i dblib.c dbnextrow   1589 if (!resinfo || dbproc->dbresults_state !=
j dblib.c dbnextrow   1632 dbproc->dbresults_state =
k dblib.c dbsqlok     4267 dbproc->dbresults_state =
l dblib.c dbsqlok     4279 dbproc->dbresults_state =
m dblib.c dbsqlok     4281 dbproc->dbresults_state =
n dblib.c dbsqlok     4288 dbproc->dbresults_state = _DB_RES_SUCCEED;
o dblib.c dbwritetext 5888 dbproc->dbresults_state = _DB_RES_INIT;
p dblib.c dbsqlsend   6358 dbproc->dbresults_state = _DB_RES_INIT;
q dblib.c dbsqlsend   6378 dbproc->dbresults_state = _DB_RES_INIT;
r rpc.c   dbrpcsend    272 dbproc->dbresults_state = _DB_RES_INIT;

All this "if state A then action B" is unnecessary, as far as I can
tell.  Whether to free memory or not can always be determined by
inspecting the pointer for NULL.  Which token to stop on depends on what
the function's purpose.  But I don't think we understood that when
dbresults_state got to be so important.  

> Oh... have you see (which is the correct english form here...)

[have you seen]  ;-)

> src/odbc/unittests/describecol.c test? It use an external file as
> some sort of basic script language for test. Mainly is composed by
> actions (like select, odbc and set commands) and tests (attr). I
> would like to have a script that could tranform dumps to some sort
> of test script one day...

I like this idea.  Do you mean you'd like to extract SQL from a TDSDUMP



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