[freetds] Buffering problem

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Mon Jul 10 07:09:53 EDT 2006

Well, looking at t0002 test using ms dblib it appear that buffering is
handled a bit differently from dbnextrow help (see
c__BookTextView/24781;pt=39614, similar for ms specifications)

BUF_FULL is returned if buffering is turned on and reading the next row
would cause the buffer to be exceeded. In this case, no row will have
been read. To read any more rows, at least one row must first be pruned
from the top of the row buffer by calling dbclrbuf.

so BUF_FULL is not returned if buffer is already full but only if buffer
will be full


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