[freetds] SQLPrepare() can't arrange errorinfomationwhenDBshutdown occured after SQLConnect()

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Mon Jul 3 07:35:22 EDT 2006

> It seems that the problem is fixed in "current" version of freetds.
> Can I know when  the fix will be  merged into "stable" version ?

Yes, problem is "fixed" in CVS HEAD.
The fix consist in two change:
- assure the a message is always set for SQL_ERROR. I just committed it.
This is clean and I didn't find any any problem to backport it. In this
situation the result is an "Unknown error" instead of a disconnect...
- set current_statement before sending any possible data to server...
this implemented in a nasty way... I'm not happy with current
implementation (it introduce too problems than what it resolve). I think
that some sort of syncronization is required. I think it would be
perfect to have the syncronization at libTDS level but I cannot change
that much at this level in stable version. So this patch is far from


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