[freetds] Application blocked when using FreeTDS with unixODBC

Mark Junker m.junker at hm-software.de
Fri Apr 28 03:31:39 EDT 2006


I have a problem using FreeTDS/unixODBC that the application gets 
blocked when it tries to close the ODBC connection/result.

Tests were done with:
- SuSE Linux 9.3 x86_64
- FreeTDS 0.63
- unixODBC 2.2.11
- PHP 5.1.1 (test_odbc3.php)
- Mono 1.1.15, x86_64 (test_odbc3.bas)

To use the test application, please replace every occurrence of "hmlims" 
with the correct DSN name.

This behaviour is the same with PHP (5.1.1, test_odbc3.php) and Mono 
(1.1.15, x86_64, test_odbc3.bas).

The freetds log file is attached.

My assumption is that FreeTDS uses some kind of read-ahead mechanism 
which blocks closing the result when a row wasn't read completely (as 
you can see in the log file). However, when I change the "SELECT" 
statement to "SELECT table_id FROM SYS.SYSCOLUMN", everything works fine.

BTW: I'm somewhat confused because I got unixODBC/FreeTDS working on a 
x86_64 Linux system but failed on a i686 Linux system? The problem was - 
according to "isql" and the FreeTDS log file that SQLExecute failed 
because FreeTDS tried to create a temporary function with the same name 
twice. However, it's not a big problem because we can use the Sybase 
ODBC drivers on i686 systems instead but this is not an option on x86_64 
systems ...

Kind regards,
Mark Junker
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