[freetds] Using freetds-0.63 on AIX (4.3.3 or 5.1) with unixODBC

John Wythe jwythe at silksystems.com
Thu Mar 23 16:24:26 EST 2006

No problems with the UG.

I am not sure how to word the problem/fix to the libtool group, as I don't quite understand how ltmain.sh and configure generate libtool.  As far as I can tell libtool is not loaded on either of the AIX machines I am working on.   At least I don't see any /usr/bin/libtool like I do on Linux.   

I am not sure my fix would be generic, it may be that there are reasons why they omitted the convenience libraries, in favor of trying to link dynamically.   I am wondering if there isn't something that needs to be changed in the Makefile's.   Another thing that may have a bearing on this, is that I never ran the pre-configure tools (AIX doesn't have the required versions), aclocal,autoheader,autoconf,automake.  I believe the files affected by these commands are either in the state I received them from the download, or from when I ran them on Redhat Linux 7 or Enterprise 3.  Any thoughts?

Yes, I kind of figured that libreplacements played that role.  I added it because after adding libtds_objects, I got more undefined symbols that where defined referenced in libtds_objects.

It looks like there may be a bug in ld on AIX 4.3.3 in that it doesn't resolve certain external references even though nm shows them in the .a and .so files.

Looking at configure, it is the one that generates the line in libtool in question, however I can't find where it gets the value it uses from.


Any ideas where lt_archive_expsym_cmds is set?

Kind of getting off topic here, should probably be talking to the libtool or configure folks, like you suggest.


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