[freetds] Using freetds-0.63 on AIX (4.3.3 or 5.1) with unixODBC

John Wythe jwythe at silksystems.com
Wed Mar 22 15:10:20 EST 2006

I think I am getting a handle on this problem.

Comparing nm's from Linux vs AIX reveals that the symbols in question are exported on Linux, and not on AIX.

For example when libsydbd is built, it makes reference to libtds_objects.la. On Linux tdsdump_open is an exported symbol from
libsydbd, it isn't on AIX.    It would appear that Linux statically links any code referenced in libtds_objects, and exports any of those symbols, therefore not requiring libsybdb.so to require libtds.so.   Possibly the --static-libgcc causes this.  On AIX the --static-libgcc is not recognized.  It would appear that libtool is broken when it comes to building shared libraries that reference other shared libraries.

If so, how to fix?


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