[freetds] Installation issues on Solaris 2.9

Зверев Виталий Борисович VZverev at genesis.spb.ru
Tue Feb 28 23:35:31 EST 2006

Hi Yonatan,
your description sounds like an autoconf problem.
I'd remember one solution http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/freetds/2003q3/013854.html

Sincerely yours. 
Vitaly Zverev, OCP DBA 8&8i
Oracle E-Business Suite &
Infiniband Linux Cluster Administrator
Genesis Ltd., St.Petersburg, Russia


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> Im having problems installing FreeTds versions .63 and .62 on 
> a Solaris 9 server with 64bits Now what makes this strange is 
> that, i already installed this application on a HPUX and 
> another Solaris 2.9, the difference is that these two are 
> from 32bits and the server im having problems is of  64bits.
> Now i've done the same i did before, and also tried many 
> variations, on those included all the intended solutions i 
> could find on the posts ...yet i keep having an error very 
> similar to what was posted before
> Now im begining to question the solaris itself, since i 
> couldnt install libiconv, or gnu's make 3.0.8.
> They all have similar problems, i can run ./configure with no 
> problems, but when i make, i keep getting these errors 
> command failed for target 'libreplacements.la'
> /webws/bin/FreeTds/src/replacements
> Command failed for target 'all-recursive'
> /webws/bin/FreeTds/src/replacements
> ...and the errors i get from libiconv and from the make are 
> very similar, they just change to mem.lo & 
> 'install-recursive' in the case of libiconv and to 
> 'localcharset.lo' and hash.o in the case of the make.
> I hope thats enough information to begin with, if not, please 
> tell me and ill see what can i provide...
> Thanks in advance,
> Yonatan Abrego
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