[freetds] problem with connection (cant assign address)

Daniel Fazekas fdsubs at t-online.hu
Tue Sep 27 22:21:19 EDT 2005

On Sep 28, 2005, at 2:38, martin wrote:

> net.c:220:tds_open_socket: Can't assign requested
> address
> i am not sure if this is indicative of anything but the problem occurs
> every time at the 7954'th iteration of the script.

It appears a simple connect() call is failing. That it fails only  
after so many iterations implies it's gobbling up some kind of  
resource without freeing it, and thus eventually running out of it.  
That resource may be local ports, handles, or something similar.

The error message itself is from an strerror() call, so it might be  
helpful to know exactly what operating system you're on.

> i have a PHP script that i run from the command line that just  
> tries to
> connect to the database server over and over again.

Let's see if I got this right.

So you got
a) a php script
b) another script in any other language to start the aforementioned  
php script over and over again

Or is there only a single script and you are looping a mssql_connect 
()/sybase_connect() php call inside it?

Showing your script(s) might help us pinpoint some mistake.


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