[freetds] Named Instances

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Tue Apr 5 02:58:31 EDT 2005

> Hi,
> As part of porting our software from linux to win32, we have 
> to switch 
> from Postgresql to MS SQL.  I've been investigating using 

Why not Postgresql on windows (the "we have to" seems a bit strong to
me) ?

> freedts to talk 
> to sql server, but hit upon problems because named instances weren't 
> implemented.  Then noticed that they were available in cvs, 
> and here I am.

Well, instances are just different server that run on different port.
Asking to administrator for instance port will fix all your problems.

> I'm just wondering how to get this to work, since it doesn't 
> seem to be 
> fully implemented.  I was expecting there to be a 
> tds_set_instance() call, 
> but that doesn't exist yet.  And setting the instance name in 
> freetds.conf 
> doesn't seem to work, from tsql, probably for that reason.  
> Does this mean 
> (for now) you have to manually set it in the *TDSCONNECTION ?
> Would I be better off writing the code to implement 
> tds_set_instance() and 
> submitting it, or am I on the wrong track.

Current CVS support named instance (TODOs involve only documentation I
tested even on cluster environment). Use "instance" option on
freetds.conf and Server=host\instance syntax for ODBC (freetds.conf-less
and dsn-less).


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