[freetds] Compiling FreeTDS/dblib under Visual Studio

Piotr Kozaczewski piotr.kozaczewski at microgen.pl
Mon Jan 24 19:14:01 EST 2005


I would like to use db-lib under WinXP and MUST use MSVC++.

I found a file ....../freetds-0.62.4/win32/msvc6/FreeTDS.dsw , 
loaded it into MSVC++ and built a project.

A directory ....../freetds-0.62.4/win32/msvc6/Debug has been created, 
which contained FreeTDS.dll and FreeTDS.lib, and no other libraries any more.

My question:
1. Does FreeTDS.dll and FreeTDS.lib contain everything I need to use db_lib functionality? 
2. If not, what should I do in order to build db_lib under MSVC++  
    -- I did not find any .dsw files beyond the one mentioned above ?

Thans in advance.

Piotr Kozaczewski

piotr at kozaczewski@microgen.pl

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