[freetds] cancel and timeout

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Fri Jan 21 07:51:48 EST 2005

"Thompson, Bill D (London)" <bill_d_thompson at ml.com> wrote:
> I recently tested the dbsetinterrupt() functionality and it behaves
> exactly like Sybase dblibrary AFAICT.

I don't see how that's possible, Bill.  Perhaps I'm misreading the docs or
the code.  

hndlintr is supposed to be called while the library is waiting for the
server to respond.  goodread() doesn't call it until after the query

For this query:

	declare @now datetime, @then datetime
	select @then = dateadd(second, 15, getdate())
	while( @then > getdate )
		select @now = getdate()
and given a query timeout of 30 seconds, how many times does Sybase's
db-lib call hndlintr?  We'd never call it, afaict.  


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