[freetds] 0.63 Release Candidate 6

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Thu Jan 6 01:08:55 EST 2005


Applies Bill Thompson's db-lib patch #1095806 of Tuesday.  

src/dblib/unittests/rpc is broken in RC6 and HEAD.  I think it might be
the test; I'm not sure if it's valid to fetch the parameter's name after
dbresults() returns no more results.  In any case, when we get to

	fprintf(stdout, "'%s' instead.\n", retname);

retname points to outer space.  

The hour is too late here for me to make more sense of it than that.  

BTW, I applied #1083180 to HEAD, too (not checked in).  Seems OK.  If it
shouldn't be applied, would someone please say so?  


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