[freetds] SQL executation status in FreeTDS

Mostafa Fazle Rabbi MostafaFazleRabbi at prettygirl.com.au
Mon Dec 13 22:43:08 EST 2004

I am using FreeTDS to insert data into MS Enterprise Server 2000.
Whenever I send the SQL to the server it is returning TDS SUCCESS
as execution status of the command although the actual insert statement
failed (no data was inserted into the table). Following function is used
execute the query and it is always returning TDS_SUCCEED.

static int execute_query(TDSSOCKET * tds, const char *query)
  int rc;
  int result_type;

  rc = tds_submit_query(tds, query);

if (rc != TDS_SUCCEED) {
  printf("tds_submit_query() failed for query");
  return TDS_FAIL;

while ((rc=tds_process_result_tokens(tds,
&result_type,NULL))==TDS_SUCCEED) {
  switch (result_type) {
    /* ignore possible spurious result (TDS7+ send it) */

       fprintf(stderr, "Error: query should not return results\n");
       return TDS_FAIL;

 if (rc == TDS_FAIL) {
   printf("tds_process_result_tokens() returned TDS_FAIL for '%s'\n",
   return TDS_FAIL;
 } else if (rc != TDS_NO_MORE_RESULTS) {
         printf("tds_process_result_tokens() unexpected return\n");
         return TDS_FAIL;

 return TDS_SUCCEED;


Will be a great help if someone could help me pls.
Is there any better way to get the SQL execution status from 
the MS SQL Server ?



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