[freetds] '?' placeholders for Sybase

Thompson, Bill D (London) bill_d_thompson at ml.com
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I'm working on this, as we regard it is the most important outstanding
"TODO" in ct-library.
All the work in this area to date has been done by Freddy for the ODBC
Although all the building blocks are there, there is some work to be
done to bring the requisite components into ct-library.
I've had brief discussions with Freddy on this, as I was contemplating
amending some of the underlying structures to make the existing
components fit more easily into the ct-library framework. 
We kind of agreed this should wait until after the next (0.63) release,
as we regard the current development version as "good to go" in all
other respects.


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> Hi all,
> I am wondering how hard it would be to add support for ?-placeholders 
> for Sybase to FreeTDS. As far as I can see, this has been a 
> long-standing TODO item, and I wonder what exactly the difficulty is.
> Since support for this seems to exist for MSSQL-Server, I assume that 
> the basic functionality is present in FreeTDS, so I suppose it should 
> just be a matter of correctly detecting whether the Sybase server 
> returns this capability upon login. Is that a correct assumption?
> Kind regards, Maarten

'?' it's supported in libTDS and ODBC. I don't know status about CTLib
and DBLib.

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