[freetds] Sybase ASA 7, unixODBC problem

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Sat Nov 6 18:58:15 EST 2004

lsunley at mb.sympatico.ca wrote:
> >The issue, we know: the ODBC driver does not set the servername field
> >of the login packet before connecting.  It should call tds_set_server()
> >when it discovers the servername, although it's not clear what "server
> >name" means when freetds.conf isn't used.  

> Is the servername supposed to be the resolved host name of the server?

No.  The "servername" in this case is a field passed to the server in the
login packet.  It's the dataserver name, the [servername] in the
freetds.conf file, the name the client application uses to open a

Most servers ignore it, afaik.  ASA requires it, because it uses it as the
name of the database to "start".  

The ct-lib and db-lib libraries fill the field correctly; the ODBC driver
stuffs in 'SYBASE' instead.  That be the problem.  

Hope that's clear. :-)


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